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Apr 19, 2013 10:00am PDT
condolence to president obama. there's been a national security meeting. the white house says previously scheduled. but there was a gathering of all the top officials around 11:15 this morning. our google hangout plus with secretary kerry was postponed at the last minute today for obvious reasons. secretary kerry is leaving for istanbul for a meeting with president erdogan as he continues with his mission to try to sort out policy and the way forward, in syria, and then going to a nato meeting in brussels. there's a lot of balls in the air right now but principally we have a law enforcement challenge on our hands and it is being from all accounts, it is being handled brilliantly by massachusetts, boston and local, state and local police, all coordinating through governor patrick and other law enforcement officials the massachusetts emergency management team, the federal authorities, and all of course reporting to and coordinated by the fbi. this is the system that was put in place after the worst tragedy america endured, 9/11. after that, we had hearings, we had investigations, the creat
Apr 22, 2013 10:00am PDT
obama on friday night, a pledge of more cooperation. but the fact is, that over the past few years, there has not been a whole lot of cooperation between the russian security services and our intelligence services. >> no. and let's be honest about what's going on in chechnya. under mr. putin, there have been horrendous human rights violations in chechnya. the country has been occupied and brutalized by russian forces for the last decade and more. that's not to excuse chechen terrorism. the chechen terrorists have carried out absolutely horrible acts of terror against movie houses, against schools, but what we've seen in chechnya is a growing radicalization of the population under the oppression that they're getting from russia. and it's difficult in that kind of environment for security exchange to not be politicized sooner or later. we know what's going on in check nia. our fbi, our c.i.a. know what's going on in chechnya. when they get information from the russian service, they should look at that information and decide does it actually give them any leads in terms of intelligenc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2